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AstraZeneca has defined leadership capabilities that apply to all our employees as defined by our core values. Leadership is based on one's ability to effectively influence others to impact business outcomes, regardless of reporting relationships.


The mission for IntHRface was to to help us with the roll out of the leadership capabilities to all employees. It was done as a simulation that imitated a normal, busy office day (spiced with hectic pressure) to help people to exploit and understand the capabilities as they solved business tasks, crisis situations and practical issues. The simulation lasted four days, managers attended three and emplyees one day.


The simulation was a success and it created new exciting experiences by all the different tasks and cross-functional teamworking. For managers the simulation was wrapped up in a serious LEGO workshop to further anchor the leadership capabilities by making visual actionplans for the future.


We can highly recommend IntHRface, they are professionals on simulations. They created an unforgettable and extraordinary experience of the Leadership Capabilities implementation. The simulation gave us a flying start to live our LC's and values. It was the number one discussion topic during the following weeks and many of our employees said: As a whole, the simulation was one of the best traning sessions ever!

Sonja Salmi
HR Director
AstraZeneca Finland



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