For us, individual leader development is basically about equipping your leaders to be able to navigate optimally through the reality in which they take part. Thus, all development courses are supportive of the company and its strategies – which benefits both the organization and the leaders themselves.

We focus on creating a context between the challenges of your leaders and their competences, which obviously means that there is great diversity in our individual leadership development courses. Often, the leader development course supports other processes, such as strategy and organizational development.

Our leader trainings are characterized by a reciprocity between theory and practice that combines classical teaching with down-to-earth, hands-on exercises.

What our clients have to say

“KMD has used Inthrface for our annual leadership workshop with great success. The feedback from all participants was that the workshop was top notch and very much exceeded expectations. Based on the extremely professional process, both before, during, and after the workshop, I can wholeheartedly recommend Inthrface”

Charlotte Fredberg Schmidt
Regional Director, KMD