We are the creative alternative

Inthrface facilitates all kinds of organizational processes from strategy development and streamlining to employee and leader development – all based on well-documented theoretical methods and practice-oriented development courses that challenge conventional thinking and enable you better to live up to your full potential.

Our consultants have experience with personal management, and they are equipped with lots of great references and well-tried tools. Despite having seen most organizational challenges before, we analyze every single task individually based on organization type, field, business strategy, employee composition, etc. All our processes are based on insight and empathy – and we are not afraid to say that we specialize in your reality.

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How we work

Inthrface was established out of an ambition to make complex challenges more simple, comprehensible, and tangible. We reduce the complexity and create momentum, regardless if it is a crisis, a success, or just the stale methods used every day that need changing.

We use theoretically based and creative hands-on methods that encourage idea generation, engagement, and innovation. Our methodical and well-tried tools build on recognized theories and concepts, spanning from the classic analytics tools to the more playful and creative tools.

Based on targeted meetings, interviews, and precise analysis, we rapidly reach the core of your challenge, which we proceed to solve together. Here, we are your offensive team player, a creative troubleshooter in the center field, and we are happy to lead the way if needed. This is why our clients tell us that we are more than process consultants. For us, client satisfaction and reaching the agreed-upon targets are the most critical focal point in the process.

Furthermore, our courses always includes a solid operational follow-up, as well as thorough documentation of your work. We have extensive experience with following up and devising effective implementation strategies – all to ensure that you get the best possible result, also in the long run.

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