We know from experience that many organizations struggle with innovation. If you also have employees who feel intimidated or a sense of performance anxiety when they hear about “innovation”, then we can help you unleash your innovative potential. Innovation is all about using creative techniques to create ideas that are transformed into new or significantly improved solutions that provide value for customers and organizations. The ideas can be new combinations and adjustments or disruptive and radical. No matter what kind of innovation is needed, you already have innovative competencies in your organization – you just need to unlock them.

We have two models that can easily be combined and even supplemented by strategy, organizational and team development processes or change management initiatives:

Innovation on the agenda

In 6 – 8 hours we examine:

  • What is innovation?
  • What does innovation mean to us?
  • What can we do to promote innovation?
  • What prevents us from being innovative?
  • What processes / frameworks do we have for innovation?
  • What mindset and competencies do we need?
  • What are we going to do now?

Strategic innovation – 3 horizons

In 1 – 2 days we examine:

  • Introduction: What is innovation and the three horizons?
  • How can you see that your current system is under pressure, shows poor adaptation to new conditions, knowledge and societal demands, or simply fails? (Horizon 1).
  • What would a future system look like, and what values ​​and norms would support it? What long-term trends are driving towards these changes? (Horizon 3).
  • What examples show signs that the future system already exists? (Horizon 3 in the present).
  • What innovations do you know that could be drivers for the future system? (Horizon 2).
  • What role will Horizon 1 play in the future?


  • The experience that everyone can be innovative.
  • A shared understanding of what it takes to develop more valuable ideas.
  • New ideas that you can turn into solutions and improvements for the future.
  • Energy and enthusiasm to build a future-proof organization.

customer centricity

Make innovation concrete

You do not have to start out with all parts of the organization’s innovative capacity.
We have great experience with innovation workshops that are comprised to a specific development area, such as:




Products / services 

Organizational structure

Start with your costumers

All innovation is based on what you deliver to your customers, and how you do it. It therefore makes sense to focus on the ideas and areas of development that influence your customers’ point of view in details.
We can help you with the six most effectful elements of customer orientation:


Know your costumer

Define customer personas – their pains and gains – so that your customer types become specific for sales and support and you can design products and journeys that ease their pains and expand their gains.


Know your market

Analyze the existing or emerging market’s dynamics, cultures, structures, competitors, and agents to understand how they influence the market and create barriers for entering it and succesfully launch products.


Know your products

Review your product portfolio so it provides value for the customers and stays aligned with future trends and needs of the customers.


Know your operating model

Dive into the structure of your production and the workflow, roles and competencies needed to deliver now and in the future.



Know your service culture

Examine the basic assumptions and perceptions about service in your organization to adjust and understand which mindset and behavior will give your customers the best experience.


Know your costumer journey

Follow the footsteps of your customers through your digital and physical touchpoints and the processes that support what your customers see, hear and feel – in 3D.

All six elements can be combined with themes such as innovation, strategy development, change management and team development to target your exact challenge.

See how one of our previous clients used LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to map their processes.

Bring your company to the forefront of innovative ideas and let us help you unleash your innovative potential.