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What our clients have to say

“I have had a very good experience with the dedicated and highly qualified support I have received from Inthrface in developing my management team. The journey going from a group of people with functional responsibilities to a high performing team with common mission and objectives has been achieved through excellent lead by Inthrface build on a strong theoretical background and fantastically executed exercises. I can only give my highest recommendation on using Inthrface in developing high performing management teams”

Henrik Asmussen
CEO, AstraZeneca Danmark

"Via the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, Micael Buckle enabled a group of senior global leaders to address the challenges of bringing three organizational cultures together at a level of depth, openness and candour unmatched by any other tools used during the post M&A integration activities. Despite some initial cynicism, our people were hugely appreciative and positive about the benefits and outcomes of Micael’s approach which was customised to our context and objectives."

Mihaela Andronic
former Vice President Global HR, Wabtec

“KMD has used Inthrface for our annual leadership workshop with great success. The feedback from all participants was that the workshop was top notch and very much exceeded expectations. Based on the extremely professional process, both before, during, and after the workshop, I can wholeheartedly recommend Inthrface”

Charlotte Fredberg Schmidt
Områdedirektør, KMD

“Inthrface cut no corners. They take pride in thorough preparations, detailed plans for deliveries and rigorous follow-up. You don’t partner up with Inthrface to get consultants that scratch your back. They take a no-nonsense approach, challenge you and poke your weak spots – but also recognizes and builds on your strengths. Inthrface has played a key role in improving the performance of several teams in AstraZeneca Nordic and in implementing the AstraZeneca Leadership Capability framework. They come with my highest recommendation.”

Rasmus Toft-Nielsen
HR Director, AstraZeneca

“In a very short time, Inthrface succeeded in imparting to managers and employees an understanding of the necessity of everyone in the organization being responsible for the attractive workplace. Inthrface delivers a well-thought-out process with high-involvement and efficient processes. In a challenging, but empathetic way , Inthrface understands how to meet the participants where they are right now, thus creating motivation and ownership for the processes. The results of their effort have been convincing, and absences due to illness have been reduced by about 30%”

Carsten Frank
HR Manager, Copenhagen Social Services

“We believe that using LEGO® as a tool to express oneself is a great concept. The method brought people to a common platform and greatly enhanced articulation of thoughts in a creative way”

Murali Iyer
CEO, Torm Shipping, India

“Inthrface is a very professional and competent collaborative partner. We can confidently recommend both Inthrface and the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method for other companies”

Gisle Bakken
Personnel Director, AstraZeneca Norge

“I recently had the pleasure of attending Inthrface’s LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator training. I was blown away by the training, the facilitators knowledge, and just how versatile this tool can be. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is simply a fun icebreaker technique. You’ll uncover real-time insights into your strategy, your organization, and even your own personal identity. I highly recommend it!”

Clark Sweat
Chief Revenue Officer, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, USA

“In addition to a fantastic process, where deep involvement and ownership of the strategy were anchored in the management group, The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method provided a powerful presentation right at our level at the leadership workshop. Still today, I have our future vision for Eltel Denmark sitting in my office, built in LEGO®”

Claus Metzsch Jensen
CEO, Eltel Networks Denmark

“In a very short time, Inthrface managed to give all 185 employees an understanding of the necessity of the organizational changes. They successfully established a general acceptance of the new circumstances and a constructive approach to the changes. This enabled the organization to be back in operation already two months after Inthrface started working on the implementation – resulting in a big efficiency boost”

Niels Christian Koefoed
Department Manager, Park og Vej, Gentofte Municipality