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Management is a discipline that one must practice and maintain to master. The gaps in the toolbox often appear when other processes are going on, such as strategy development, development of the workplace or innovation. And it is difficult to have top-performing leaders if there are knowledge or tools that they have not acquired or learned how to use yet – for example, to lead projects in change, development or strategy.

Leaders also learn throughout life

All leaders are individuals with individual strengths and weaknesses. It sounds obvious, but unfortunately it is not always the foundation for many standardized leadership development processes offered by consultants and coaches. In that case, your leaders do not learn the necessary craftsmanship that fits your exact organization. At Inthrface it’s different!

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Supportive process

You get exactly what you need. Practical management processes are often supplementary processes that support other development processes that we are collaborating on, and where additional management qualifications are needed to reach your goals.


Adapted to your organization

You already have ways of learning, culture, processes and systems, etc. We do not change that. We train leaders to navigate within the reality of their work.


Adapted to the leader

No two processes are the same. We match the content and exercises to your leaders’ challenges and current competencies – this will benefit both your organization and the leaders themselves.

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Classic and hands-on

Our management development alternate between theory and practice and combine classical training with realistic hands-on exercises.


Fast results and great effect

New tools must be used in your daily work immediately. You acquire new skills that are useful right away, and they get under your skin quickly by being used for their specific purpose from the start.


General development for everyday life

We can of course help develop managers for everyday tasks, even if the gaps in the toolbox has not been spotted during a process or workshops with us. Call us now, and tell us about your needs on tel.
+45 2044 7620


We can highly recommend Inthrface, they are professionals in leadership development. They created an unforgettable and extraordinary training experience in the implementation of the Leadership Capabilities. The training program gave us a flying start to living our Leadership Capabilities and values. It was the number one discussion topic during the following weeks and many of our employees said: As a whole, the training program was one of the best ever!

Sonja Salmi

HR Director, AstraZeneca Finland

Invest in your leadership now – it pays off in the long run

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