You should Join a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator certification course run by Inthrface, if you:

  • Are looking for an effective and creative method to apply in companies and organizations to help inspire creative thinking and development.
  • Want to be able to facilitate effective and innovative development workshops and processes using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) methodology.

The LSP facilitator certification course is designed to help professionals who work with development, decision making, strategic and/or managerial responsibilities to effectively design and deliver effective and time efficient workshops, awaydays and retreats.

Whether you are a manager leading a new team, a senior executive wanting to renew the strategy, or a consultant helping leaders transform their organization, this facilitator certification will benefit your work greatly.


What You get out of a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator certification?

Through an engaging mix of experiential learning, introduction to theory, insights into your own situation and elaborate business cases, the facilitator certification course will kickstart your knowledge of this effective, unique and increasingly popular method. 

With focus on hands-on skills building, the different kinds of imagination, development of metaphors, story making and story telling, this intensive course will help you understand and apply the LSP method and creatively deal with the challenges and opportunities within your company or organization.

Our four-day facilitator course will present you with foundational understanding of the concept and practice of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. You will gain a thorough, practical introduction and deep theoretical knowledge of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, which will provide you with the necessary skills to transform how you and your organization or company solve challenges.  


What You gain from joining Inthrface‘s LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator certification course?

  1. All-inclusive stay at a LEGOLAND® Resort.
  2. The basic skills needed to immediately design and deliver LSP workshops.
  3. Access to our welcoming, caring and knowledgeable community of openminded LSP practitioners.
  4. Invitation to join the on-going research by one of the “founding father” of LSP.

After completing our LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® course, all participants receive a certificate and a testimonial that underlines the quality of their training. These are only given to certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators who have been trained by Inthrface:

Pokal, udtalelse

See more about the content of the facilitator certification course here.


What does our previous participants say?

“I was blown away by how versatile this tool can be. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is simply a fun icebreaker technique. You’ll uncover real-time insights into your strategy, your organization, and even your own personal identity. I highly recommend it!”

“The training exceeded my initial expectations in many ways, and I left inspired to use the methodology and materials to pursue new opportunities that had previously seemed daunting.”

“The four days training left me feeling energized and empowered to use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in my current job role.”  

 “The training was run extremely professionally and efficiently. The accompanying manual is very comprehensive and will be an important source of information as I begin to create workshops.” 

“I am wrecked. It’s amazing how much they fit into four days. And with humor, which is good.”


Why should I choose a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator certification course offered by Inthrface?


  • Our theoretical and practical experience is exceptional

Inthrface has been engaged in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® tool for many years, and more importantly, we are a successful change management consultancy who helps both private and public companies and organizations improve their work. See more about Inthrface here.

The combination of our theoretical knowledge and our consulting experience is just some of the key factors that make our LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® training efficient and effective. Through trial, error and successes as leaders, we have acquired extensive knowledge on how to use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method in real life. Our facilitator courses are designed to help you benefit from this knowledge and experience, as well as to assist you in using the method within your particular and distinctive work context.


  • You gain access to a strong international network

When you have been trained as an LSP facilitator by Inthrface, you automatically get access to our openminded and well-established international LSP network, which makes it possible for you to share knowledge and get inspiration for your own work with the LSP tool. This, furthermore, means that you are invited to our specialized training sessions and our annual international LSP conference that takes place at Hotel LEGOLAND® in Billund, Denmark – the hometown of the LEGO® brick. You can read more about the conference here.


  • We cooperate with one of the co-inventors of the LSP method

Inthrface’s LSP facilitator certification courses has been scrutinized and endorsed by Professor Johan S. Roos, the co-author of the Serious Play concept, co-inventor of the LSP method and co-founder of Imagination Lab Foundation, which for many years drove the Serious Play research agenda.

Inthface’s LSP facilitator certification course is the only one that has been approved by this leading authority on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®!


  • We give you the full LEGO® experience

We offer you an all-inclusive and unique physical training environment!

All our facilitator certification courses take place at LEGOLAND® resorts around the world. For you that means an added extraordinary course experience e.g. through visiting LEGOLAND® and feeling the magic of the “LEGO® world” throughout the entire course.

Presently, we provide courses at LEGOLAND® resorts in California (USA), Florida (USA), Windsor (UK) and Billund (Denmark). We, furthermore, expect to extend our activities to other LEGOLAND® sites in the years to come.

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