Facilitator Training in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, UCLL


Join the only facilitator training in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method that is endorsed by one of the founding fathers of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

”The comprehensive course material and innovative pedagogy used in Inthrface’s facilitator training align with, and positively extend the original LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® concept.”

  • Professor Johan S. Roos

Co-author of the Serious Play concept, co-inventor of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, co-developer of the original LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® manuals, and co-founder of Imagination Lab Foundation.

What’s included?:

  • Extensive training and hands-on experience with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, brought to you by world class facilitators with experience from more than 1000 LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops.
  • Accommodation at Hotel Penta (incl. breakfast).
  • An extensive and exclusive facilitator manual that covers both LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® exercises and theory.
  • An invitation to join our annual international LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Conference and Advanced Training at Hotel LEGOLAND® in Billund.
  • Access to our worldwide network of certified facilitators.
  • An inspiring newsletter 6 times a year, which covers different LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® related initiatives and activities.
  • A diploma and an exclusive testimonial by one of the founding fathers of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® that underline the quality of your training.
  • Assistance in framing your first LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop after the training.

After your training in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method you can: 

  • Develop, change and strengthen your organization and the teamwork within your company.
  • Optimize processes and performances within your organization or company.
  • Develop and implement dynamic strategies in your organization or company.
  • Engage in and facilitate personal development processes including coaching, mentoring, etc.
  • And much more.

Target group:

Our training is targeted towards people who work with management, development, facilitation, processes and/or consulting.


Our facilitator training consists of four very intense, diverse and creative days with focus on the theory and research behind the method, effective hands-on exercises, group work, reflections and how you can use the method within the specific context of your work.

The training is composed of the following five sub-elements:

Day 1 & 2:

  • History, theory and research in relation to the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.
  • Skills Building: An introduction to all the basic elements of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®: Construction, metaphors, story making and fantasy/imagination.
  • Real Time Strategy (RTS): You will learn how to use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology for strategy- and business development.

Day 3 & 4:

  • Real Time Identity (RTI): You will learn how to use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for individual, team and organizational development.
  • How to make tailormade workshops using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.
  • The facilitator role and Introduction to the Trademark Guidelines concerning LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

Read more abot the method, the programme, etc. RIGHT HERE!


All facilitators at Inthrface have several years of leadership experience from both the public and the private sector. We have been engaged in the development of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® tool from the very beginning and gained a vast amount of experience through more than 1000 LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops on a global level. We have, furthermore, trained hundreds of new facilitators in the use of the method.

Our experienced background enables us to help you become a great facilitator yourself. This means that by joining one of our facilitator trainings, you will gain knowledge on how to create functional and engaging workshops that fit the specific context of your work, and you will be able to use the method effectively right after the training.


The training will be facilitated in English.

Information & contact

For more information about the training please contact us via email:
Cecilie Reinholt Petersen: CRP@INTHRFACE.COM


The price for training, accommodation at Hotel Penta and much more is:
EUR: 3050.-


This event is fully booked.


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