Facilitator Training – LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Real Time Change®, Billund


Real Time Change® is designed to help groups strike the essential balances every organization must create to initiate, plan and execute change in their unique internal and external eco-systems. It is based on proven theories about human development, sensemaking, crisis management, and practical wisdom.

Real Time Change® incorporates a dynamic set of research-based exercises that cultivate drivers of readiness for change among groups.

Who can join this certification?:

The certification is open to all previously trained facilitators in the original LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, regardless of where they have been trained.

Your output from the training:

Real Time Change® will help you answer key questions, and enable you to help your organization, company, clients, team mates, etc. answer them as well:

  • How ready are you and your team for new change initiatives?
  • How resilient to change is your ecosystem, today and tomorrow?
  • Are we focusing on the right things – are we striking the right balances?
  • What future trends are shaping intended changes?
  • What needs to be different? What need to be preserved?
  • What can make or break the change initiative?

What’s included in the certification?:

  • High quality and hands-on training in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® 2.0 Real Time Change® – brought to you by world class facilitators.
  • An extensive and exclusive facilitator manual that covers both exercises and theory.
  • An optional trip to LEGOLAND® or LEGO® House after the training.
  • An exclusive diploma.


The training will be facilitated in English.


Chief Executive trainer Micael Buckle, CEO of Inthrface, and Professor Johan Roos, co-inventor and co-author of the original LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®  method,  have developed Real Time Change®.

Inthrface exclusively offers training and certification in Real Time Change® to facilitators qualified in the original LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.


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Information & contact

For more information about the training please contact us via email:
Cecilie Reinholt Petersen: crp@inthrface.com


All inclusive – training and accommodation at Hotel LEGOLAND® in Billund:

DKK 22.475,00 (ex. VAT)
(Approx. USD 3260,- or EUR 3010,-)

(ex. 25% Danish VAT – only Danish residents).


Entries are closed for this event.


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Hotel LEGOLAND® Billund, Denmark
Åstvej 10
Billund, 7190

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