An organization that is balanced internally produces better results, has less absences due to illness, attracts skillful leaders, and fills the employees with pride.

Based on more than 150 organizational development processes, we have created a scalable end-to-end concept that examines every part of your organization regardless of size. Based on initial interviews and an analysis, we develop a course that is tailored to fit your organization, challenges, and values.

The project design includes an analysis of the changes, either structural or cultural, that you want to create. This analysis is used to define the concrete blocks that will be used in an inclusive and co-creative development process that helps you to realize your visions and goals.

What our clients have to say

“In a very short time, IntHRface succeeded in imparting to all 185 employees an understanding of the necessity of the organizational changes. They succeeded in establishing a general acceptance of the new circumstances and a constructive approach to the changes. This enabled the organization to be back in operation already two months after IntHRface started working on the implementation – resulting in a big efficiency boost”

Niels Christian Koefoed
Department Manager, Park og Vej, Gentofte Municipality