This places great demand on modern companies to be dynamic and flexible – and this means that the need for ongoing adjustment and modification of business strategies according to a new reality.

But how do we develop strategies that are both sharp and focused, but still without oversimplifying the reality in which we function? What is the content of a strong and operational strategy? And how do we implement it in the organization and in our day-to-day tasks?

We handle these and many other strategic questions expertly. Through more than 100 strategy courses in Danish and international, private and public organizations at all levels, we have developed a vast array of processes and tools, which are designed to tackle all parts of the strategic process.

Based on initial interviews and analysis, we select the tools and processes that handle precisely your challenges. This ensures that your strategic course is unique, combining traditional and creative methods that are all solidly theoretically based and unfolds in practical courses that involve the parts of the organization you would like.

We are also experts in creative strategy courses with focus on things like innovation, value proposition, product development, etc.

What our clients have to say

“In addition to a fantastic process, where the deep involvement and ownership of the strategy became anchored in management, the tool (LEGO® Serious Play®) provided a powerful presentation right at our level at the leadership workshop. Still today, I have our future vision for Eltel Denmark sitting in my office, built in Legos”

Claus Metzsch Jensen
CEO, Eltel Networks Denmark